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Security technology can help hospitals and nursing homes combat crime and nuisance, but much more is possible. Systems that help deploy scarce medical staff more efficiently or that provide an immediate warning if a patient falls to the floor. The security of a healthcare institution is certainly not simple. There is also an area of tension between security risks, accessibility and privacy. VideoGuard offers the knowledge and products required to meet these challenges.

For example, Genetec’s Security Center manages access and camera surveillance, from the car park to the laboratories and operating rooms. Intelligent cameras make surveillance possible without infringing on the privacy of patients and visitors. There are also solutions, for example, for opening doors secured with facial recognition, so that employees can keep their hands free and enter the building unhindered.

In addition, it is not necessary to have multiple camera systems for security and patient monitoring, for example. By using cameras not as cameras, but as intelligent sensors, the strictest requirements of the AVG can be met.

Curious? Come and visit us in our Experience Centre in Montreal, where we can demonstrate everything live and answer your questions directly. Just until you are satisfied with the complete system, and it brings you what you need and in the way you want it. Technology should serve you, and you should certainly not become a servant of technology. We look forward to seeing you soon at our premises in Waalwijk!

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