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Cinnovate’s residential care technology contributes to the self-reliance of clients and makes the work of care professionals more enjoyable, easier and safer.

The demand for care in nursing homes is becoming increasingly challenging. People are expected to live independently for as long as possible. Before people are eligible for a place in a care home, there must therefore be a significant amount of care required.

Nevertheless, care homes are increasingly focusing on independence and self-reliance. Care technology plays an important supporting role in this respect and, above all, must be easy to use by both clients and care providers.

We understand better than anyone that residential care technology must be primarily tailored to the care needs of the client and the support needs of the care provider. In essence, a nurse call system is a communication system. It offers people the possibility to let care providers know in various ways that they need help or support.

Cinnovate offers an extensive range of devices and apps to ensure that alarm messages reach the right care providers quickly and in line with the users’ capabilities.

The Kepler Night Nurse solution is a beautifully integrated solution with Cinnovate to further guarantee the safety of clients, especially at night.

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