Hikvision Partner Brochure

Hikvision and Kepler Vision Technologies have published a partner brochure. Hikvision is the manufacturer of camera’s. Kepler Vision Technologies uses among other types, their 12 MP fish eye camera. Read the article and download the partner brochure.

The Kepler Night Nurse

Currently, in the care industry, nurses need to check into patient’s bedrooms throughout the night. This is a task that is disruptive and invades patient privacy. Traditional care home systems create false alarms, leading to higher work pressure and lower job satisfaction. This is now unnecessary since the smart Kepler Night Nurse Solution combines Kepler and Hikvision technology to recognize patient body language and human activities. It looks after their well-being in multiple situations and warns caregivers instantly – but only when needed. This solution improves elderly care quality with a 40% reduction of caregivers’ workload at night and a 99% reduction in false alarms.

How the Kepler Night Nurse works

The Kepler Night Nurse solution analyzes live video streams, recognizing when clients need care and informing staff accordingly, for example, if a client has fallen. We currently monitor over a thousand patients at different care centers and are working on pilot projects with ten further care centers. The Kepler Night Nurse can completely replace other domotics such as mat sensors, bracelets, RFIDs, and panic buttons. At the same time, the Kepler Night Nurse can provide the same coverage regarding the wellbeing of clients, without the need to invade their privacy or disturb their sleep. The Kepler Night Nurse is fully integrated with Hikvision’s cameras to provide a comprehensive and objective overview of what goes on during different shifts. This reduces the time spent by caregivers on writing reports.

The Hikvision camera

Specifically, Kepler uses DeepinView Fisheye and In-ceiling Fisheye cameras to be the “eyes” of the system. These have a high level of picture quality – up to 12 MP – making the Kepler Night Nurse software more accurate. They also have Day (color)/night(black/white) modes, for clear pictures 24/7 and bi-directional audio possibilities, so nurses can talk to patients through the system, if necessary. These are seamlessly integrated into the system, for full flexibility and intuitive usability.