Kepler certified on ISO and NEN

TÜV Netherlands has approved Kepler Vision Technologies for the ISO27001 certificate as well as the NEN7510 certificate! These certificates prove that Kepler handles the data of its clients under the constraints of all safety regulations. Obtaining these certificates is important for Kepler. It proves that privacy and data security of the clients of the care organizations using the Kepler Night Nurse are guaranteed.

This milestone was obtained thanks to the consultancy services of Vos Orbedo. The certification was reached within a single year. Furthermore, Kepler Vision Technologies is the first company developing artificial intelligence software to obtain ISO and NEN certification in the Netherlands.

ISO 27001 certification means Kepler Vision Technologies fully complies with the international standard for information security. The certificate specifies completely to which standards Kepler’s Information Security Management System complies.

The NEN 7510 certificate is a Dutch certificate tailor-made for the care industry. It ensures the security of medical client data.