Kepler CEO is keynote speaker at TomTom Developer Day

We are excited to have been invited to present the keynote at the TomTom Developer Day.  The title of the keynote is “Making a business out of AI: Technical and business challenges, past and future”In the keynote, Dr. Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, tells the story of the University of Amsterdam’s spinoff company, Euvision Technologies. From 2010 onward, the company tried to commercialize the University’s machine learning and computer vision software. Dr. Stokman describes the journey that eventually led to the acquisition of the company in 2014 by Qualcomm, the American semiconductor manufacturer. Euvison’s deep convolutional neural network inference engine inspired the Qualcomm Neural Processing Engine for AI. The engine is currently being rolled out by Qualcomm, thereby reaching an audience of over one billion users

The next wave in Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Stokman will go on describing what he sees as the next wave in AI, as it is unfolding today. He is now working at another University spin-off, Kepler Vision Technologies. The company tries to be the first to get components of this AI technology to market. Kepler has also been nominated as one of the finalists competing for the 2018 Microsoft Ventures $1 million Innovate.AI investment prize.