Kepler Vision Technologies has been invited to speak at the Skysource Experience

We are proud to announce that CEO Harro Stokman of Kepler Vision Technologies will present at the Skysource Experience. This event will take place on November 26, 2020, in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. During this event Harro will present the product of Kepler Vision Technologies, the Kepler Night Nurse.

The Kepler Night Nurse is care software that ‘looks’ into live video streams of optical sensors and can interpret body language and human activities of clients. For example, the Kepler Night Nurse recognizes when a client has fallen or has difficulty leaving the bed. If a client has been in the bathroom for too long or is going to wander and leaves the room, the Kepler Night Nurse recognizes that and sends an alarm to the care provider.

elderly sitting on edge of the bed

What are the benefits for you participating in the event? The Skysource Experience event gives you tools, the more time you can realize for what really matters, “hands on the bed”! After all, many improvements in healthcare are made through the use of technology. Continuous innovation is necessary in order to (continue to) improve the quality and affordability of healthcare. Skysource explains, on a strategic and tactical level, how ICT helps you with support in day-to-day business operations.

Bert Verhoeff, director at Skysource Cloud Experts will open this afternoon with an overview of Skysource’s activities in the field of Care & Welfare and the product portfolio that forms the basis for these activities. Other speakers will then take the floor, including Vincent Eversdijk, partner BDO, and Harro Stokman of Kepler Vision Technologies.

The event starts at 12:00 with an arrival with luxury sandwiches, after which the first speaker starts at 13:00. Would you like to be present at this event? You can, by registering on the Skysource website at this link!