Kepler on the list of Top IoT Startups of 2021 published by Techround

We are proud to announce that TechRound has just published its Top IoT Startups of 2021 and Kepler Vision Technologies has made it onto the list.

The IoT (Internet of Things) sector is currently booming, as the world continues to welcome in automation, connectivity and big data – the IoT’s global market set to reach a valuation of $1319.08 billion by the year 2026 (Verified Market Research).

With the sector thriving, more and more innovative startups have begun to emerge, benefiting users in a vast array of different ways.

Here, TechRound explores some of the top IoT startups to watch in 2021 and beyond…


The Top IoT Startups to Watch:

  • Magic – Founded by Varun Bhanot, Sunil Jindal and Craig Wiltshire
  • ClickASnap – Founded by Tom Oswald
  • BrainBox AI – Founded by Jean-Simon Venne and Sean Neely
  • Quantum Integration – Founded by Michael Barnick
  • ShelterZoom – Founded by Chao Cheng Shorland and Allen Alishahi
  • WeMaintain – Founded by Benoit Dupont, Jade Francine and Tristan Foureur
  • Kepler Vision Technologies – Founded by Dr Harro Stokman
  • Radix IoT – Chief Executive Officer Fred Dirla
  • Mila – Founded by Chris Viatte


Kepler Vision Technologies, Founded by Dr Harro Stokman

Kepler Vision Technologies is a Dutch company which uses AI powered computer vision technology to look after the well-being of elderly people in care homes. It does this using its vision-based human activity recognition software – the Kepler Night Nurse.

Kepler Vision’s mission is to make the job of nurses operating in elderly care homes less stressful and more enjoyable by allowing them to focus on providing care. To achieve this the Kepler Night Nurse analyses live video streams in the cloud, recognising if and when clients need care and automatically sending alerts to care staff’s devices accordingly.

The Kepler Night Nurse can make use of any existing camera system to monitor patients without violating their privacy. It does this by sending video streams to the cloud to be “seen” by its computer vision algorithm, rather than to a terminal where staff can view the live streams. These streams are then analysed in real time in order to identify when a situation that requires assistance has occurred. Once it has, the software sends an alert to a care staff’s device of choice to inform them that a patient requires immediate help. In-depth reports are automatically generated by the system whenever an incident occurs.

Kepler Vision Technologies is a spinoff company from the University of Amsterdam. To date, it has received investment from organisations including UvA Ventures and the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs totaling over €3.9 million.

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam and employs 15 people with expertise across machine learning, computer vision and healthcare.


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