Unica ICT Solutions signs partnership with Kepler Vision Technologies

Unica ICT Solutions is further expanding its healthcare proposition through a partnership with Kepler Vision Technologies. Kepler is the company with far-reaching knowledge of computer vision and deep learning and is the builder of artificial intelligence software that watches over people’s well-being. This partnership will make it possible to provide a smart solution for monitoring clients and patients using, among other things, fall detection.

Dr. Harro Stokman, CEO and founder of Kepler Vision Technologies says: “To improve elderly care, we will have to rely on smart technology that reduces the pressure on care and improves the quality of care. Kepler Night Nurse is based on software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), analyzes images from optical sensors and generates fall detection and fall prevention alarms reliably and quickly. Falls are instantly detected by Kepler Night Nurse without anyone watching, making it much easier for healthcare facilities and medical facilities to be on site when things go wrong, thus also reducing staff workload.”

Unica ICT Solutions entered into a partner agreement with IQ Messenger, supplier of the brand-independent software platform for alarms and communications, last October and can link Kepler Night Nurse from Kepler Vision Technologies to this platform for the purpose of alarms. With the use of IQ Messenger, Unica ICT Solutions is able to centralize and target 24/7 care and building alarms. This optimizes care processes and prevents alarm fatigue. Also, alarms and events are recorded in an ECD or EPD, for example, which also removes administrative tasks from care staff. Collecting this kind of data will give healthcare more insight.

“Care home automation and IoT are playing an increasingly important role in changing care for the future, where, among other things, the theme of ‘remote care’ may continue to develop. This is to cope with staff shortages and to allow people to live at home for longer. By extending the same technologies within care institutions to home locations (informal care), the same care and safety can be provided at home as within a care institution. Unica wants to contribute to this by combining the knowledge and experience of all clusters involved in healthcare,” says Dennis van de Burgt, Director Business Development at Unica ICT Solutions.