Podcast: Het verhaal van Kepler Vision technologies with CEO Dr Harro Stokman

Dr Harro Stokman is CEO & Founder van Kepler Vision Technologies, een health-tech start-up uit Amsterdam die gebruik maakt van Artificiële Intelligentie om te waken over de gezondheid van mensen. Dit doet de Kepler Night Nurse door gebruik te maken van op Computer Vision gebaseerde body language herkennings. De Engelstalige podcast is hier te beluisteren!



Kepler Vision’s mission is to make the job of nurses operating in elderly care homes less stressful and more enjoyable by freeing them to focus on providing care through real-time body language recognition. A spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam, Kepler Vision comprises a team of experts across machine learning, computer vision and healthcare – as well as multiple PhDs. Harro is a fascinating guy, and I think an interview with him would be of particular interest to your audience as we enter the second wave of the global health crisis and with many hundreds of thousands of at-risk elderly people still stuck in overstretched care homes facing a Christmas without seeing their families and in danger of contracting the virus.