Het onderstaande bericht is verschenen op verschillende websites. Het gaat over hoe de Kepler Night Nurse kan ontdekken of de kerstman is langs geweest!

With kids and adults around the world eagerly awaiting Christmas, leading Artificial Intelligence and computer vision company Kepler Vision has today announced that it has created an algorithm which can detect when Santa has visited your house.  

Originally built as a tool to  monitor the well-being of older people at night, Kepler Vision’s “Night Nurse” human activity recognition software has now been programmed to identify when Father Christmas – a man of advancing years himself – is  emerging from the fireplace, helping users to pinpoint the exact moment that Saint Nicholas has visited.

On a day to day basis, Kepler Vision’s Night Nurse solution  follows the movements of  patients in care homes, immediately alerting staff to falls or when a patient is struggling to get out of bed. By retraining its AI algorithm using images of fireplaces, Kepler Vision can now identify when someone is delivering gifts with the same level of medical device accuracy – effectively eliminating instances of false alarms.

Dr. Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision said: “This year we wanted to do something that would highlight just how versatile computer vision and human activity recognition technology can be in addition to putting a smile on people’s faces at the end of what has been an extremely tough year for most people. While our focus is obviously on continuing to refine and perfect our core product so that it can better take care of elderly patients in care, the potential future applications for safety and healthcare that computer vision presents are as diverse as they are revolutionary.”

Kepler Vision’s annotation process means that its software is already excellent at recognizing human beings indoors in the most peculiar positions. Such as bending or lying down, whether they are dressed or undressed, and whether they are wearing a hat, have a beard or are elderly. Kepler added the ability to recognise fireplaces to its solution by adding a set of images that included manually outlined fireplaces to its series of training images, allowing its AI to identify fireplaces in new images. Together these parameters were enough to spot Santa stopping by your fireplace. 

Kepler’s Night Nurse solution is compatible with any professional optical censoring  system, and can recognise different body postures and objects from any live video feed. This means that no human interaction is needed to spot a problem, and it ensures privacy for individuals by only activating and notifying users when such a problem is detected. This system maximises privacy by eliminating unnecessary visits of nurses at nights checking on patients. It maximises safety of patients by alerting nurses immediately to any situation that needs their attention. 

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