The Kepler Man-Down Detector instantly and always sounds the alarm when someone falls

The Kepler Man-Down Detector is a software program that can detect when a person is lying down. The software is capable of determining between bed or floor, enabling it to sound the alarm immediately when it detects an individual on the floor. The software makes clear distinctions between the need for help and peaceful sleep.

How does the Kepler Man-Down Detector work?

The Kepler Man-Down Detector ‘looks’ into and analyses video streams. It can recognize people lying on the floor and if detected, it sends a message to a nurse that can directly provide help to the client. The Kepler Man-Down Detector works in all rooms and all light conditions, enabling it to work equally as well during the night as in the day. This results in fewer control rounds at night time and less intensive night shifts for nurses.


How to install the Kepler Man-Down Detector

Using the Kepler Man-Down Detector software is easy. No new, special hardware is needed for its installation. The only hardware needed are high definition cameras which are internet accessible. The Kepler Man-Down Detector is independent of other software and can easily be integrated into existing communication software.

Using the Kepler Man-Down Detector

The Kepler Man-Down Detector can be deployed in many locations. Currently, we are focusing on larger skilled nursing homes. In the future, we will also help smaller care homes and assisted living facilities. The Kepler Man-Down Detector is versatile, enabling it to also be used to other places, such as gyms and hotels.

Important Benefits

  • Reduces surveillance tasks and false alarms
  • Cannot be forgotten unlike wearables and floor mat detectors
  • ‘Hardware agnostic’ as it works with all camera types
  • Usable in all types of rooms
  • Works in all light conditions