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Healthcare institutions operate in a field where the boundaries of traditional tasks are increasingly blurred and shifting. Care is shifting to the citizen (e-health) and networks with other providers in the complete care chain are being created. ICT solutions in healthcare play an important role in this and make these changes possible.

ICT solutions for efficient and transparent business operations 

Regulated market forces force healthcare institutions to operate efficiently and transparently. This means that there must be more control over operational management, that choices must be made in the portfolio and that attention must be paid to correct registration. The magnifying glass of public opinion must never be lost sight of in this respect. Simac can advise and support in various ICT solutions in health care, as a result of which this operational management can be organised as efficiently and transparently as possible.

Simac can help with ICT solutions in health care

Simac offers a wide range of ICT solutions in health care that facilitate and optimise primary, supporting and informal processes. With a great deal of expertise, Simac provides a user-friendly and reliable total concept. Together with you, we look for a suitable ICT solution. 

All-in-one ICT solutions for customised care

Every day, Simac creates pragmatic ICT solutions that flawlessly link up with customer requests and the dynamics of the healthcare market. We offer ICT concepts that unburden you and give you the means to set up your business operations efficiently and effectively. And that specifically for the healthcare market. Our ICT solutions for healthcare are close to the customer and offer you the possibility to excel within the playing field of the healthcare market. We have an eye for the entire healthcare chain.

Optimisation of processes

In the current complex climate, Simac can fully facilitate you in optimising your primary, supporting and informal processes. In a way that is user-friendly and contributes to your primary care tasks.

Close relationship with the client

Through a close and long-term relationship with the customer, we are able to continuously support you with appropriate solutions and services. We do this with a strong focus on result and quality improvement of the processes of your organisation. Simac is an all-in-one supplier. We implement hardware and software in your user environment and integrate them with your existing systems. After the solution has been rolled out, we remain your partner, as we take care of the management and maintenance of your complete system.

Simac provides flexible ICT solutions that link user-friendliness to reliability. Now and in the future.

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