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Software for visual understanding of body language

Kepler Vision Technologies develops body language recognition software that “looks” into videos using computer vision and machine learning technology. This software understands and interprets the body language of people in videos. Below, you can find a couple of demo videos. We can tell you more if you request a demo!

Demo video showcasing the Kepler Night Nurse software. The software sends instant messages when acute care is needed.
The podcast OnAIr hosted Kepler Vision Technologies on their first episode. They made a short video explaining the operation of the Kepler Night Nurse software.
Artificial night nurse watches over clients: “No human intervention”. Video recorded by NH news.
Friday, oktober 31st, RTL Z broadcasted the program How It’s Done, where Voclarion presented the Kepler Night Nurse. Voclarion is a Dutch Systems integrator that can install the Kepler Night Nurse in care homes.
This video shows a demo of the trainingsproces employed at Kepler Vision Technologies.
Demo video showcasing our Man Down Detector. The video was created by the organization of the Global Entrepreneurial Summit to promote the event. It was held on June 2019 in The Hague.

If you like our video’s and want to learn more of what Kepler Vision Technologies can do for your organization, then feel free to contact us!