Kepler Vision Technologies Unveils Innovative Kepler Night Nurse Lying Position Detection to Combat Pressure Ulcers

Kepler Vision Technologies, a pioneering leader in healthcare AI solutions, is proud to introduce its ground-breaking feature, the Kepler Night Nurse Lying Position Detection. This innovative technology, offers a powerful solution to the pressing issue of pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores.

Pressure ulcers pose a significant threat to patients, with statistics indicating that over 60 per cent of patients face the risk of developing these painful sores, with approximately 250 people losing their lives each year due to complications arising from pressure ulcers, according to recent research.

The Kepler Night Nurse Lying Position Detection augments the existing suite of features, including fall detection and prevention modules. This new addition is designed to empower healthcare professionals in their tireless efforts to prevent and mitigate the occurrence of bedsores.

Pressure ulcers result from various factors, primarily prolonged pressure on the skin or shearing forces. Vulnerable patients include elderly residents in nursing homes and individuals recovering from surgery who are confined to their beds. Given that pressure ulcers often heal slowly and are prone to recurrence, prevention is paramount.

Healthcare providers employ multiple interventions to avert pressure ulcers, with repositioning patients as a central strategy. Additionally, healthcare staff assess mattress suitability and maximize bed capabilities. However, these interventions demand considerable time and attention from healthcare workers. Some patients are unable to change positions independently, potentially disrupting their vital sleep, leading to fatigue and restlessness.

The Kepler Night Nurse Lying Position Detection empowers healthcare professionals with critical information about patients at an elevated risk of developing pressure ulcers. By continuously monitoring patients’ sleep positions, the Kepler module offers timely insights, indicating when manual position adjustments are required.

This revolutionary feature not only saves a significant amount of time—manual patient turning can take up to 20 minutes and must occur every 2 to 4 hours—but also reduces healthcare costs. The financial burden associated with caring for patients with pressure ulcers ranges from tens to hundreds of euros per patient per day, depending on the severity of the condition.

Kepler Vision Technologies is dedicated to transforming healthcare by leveraging advanced AI solutions, and the Kepler Night Nurse Lying Position Detection is a testament to the commitment to enhancing patient care, alleviating the workload of healthcare professionals, and ultimately improving the quality of life for those under their care.