Kepler Vision Technologies announces partnership with HartingBank

Kepler Vision Technologies joins hands with HartingBank, the largest supplier of healthcare equipment in the Netherlands. Through the collaboration, even more healthcare institutions are watching over the well-being of their clients through artificial intelligence.

Amsterdam, July 20, 2023. HartingBank supplies, manages and maintains healthcare resources for healthcare organizations. They have done so successfully for nearly 200 years. In addition, HartingBank advises on the use of innovative products in healthcare. Josette Luijten, HartingBank director:

“We believe that healthcare organizations should have the optimal help and resources to be there for their clients. So we are very pleased to partner with Kepler Vision Technologies. When we work together to eliminate false alarms, care workers can take care of those who need it. That’s what we do it for!”

Dr. Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies:

“The partnership with Heart Bank encourages the growth of our organizations. That the Kepler Night Nurse is now available through the largest supplier and service provider for care aids in the Netherlands also confirms the reliability of our fall detection system. With their national coverage and tremendous clout, HartingBank is the partner of choice for Kepler Vision Technologies. Our common goal of unburdening healthcare connects us!”

Check the Heart Bank website here