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KPN Health

Together we keep healthcare accessible

The care sector is digitising. This is a good development, because it allows healthcare professionals to work together more easily. To reach each other and patients better, via e-consults for example. And to use cloud platforms to exchange files digitally – with patients, within the team and with other institutions. But this digitisation must be done safely and reliably, tailored to the needs of a hospital or care institution. With technology that stands like a house

What does KPN Health do?

We see that digitization can really unburden the care sector. Without digitization, the human dimension disappears – the pressure on healthcare becomes simply too great.

That is why we are working with care organizations on three major themes:

  • More time for care: healthcare professionals experience substantially more time for care
  • Moving forward together: we help care professionals to work together more easily.
  • People first: we offer healthcare professionals and patients more control.

We work on:

  • Infrastructure for care
    Everything is becoming wirelessly connected and requires future-proof, extra secure infrastructure for data-enabled care processes.
  • Digitisation of care processes
    Working more efficiently by digitising the care processes reduces staff pressure and increases quality
  • Data exchange
    Sustainable information system to allow care data to flow freely, but controlled, compliant and safe
  • Care close by
    The right care in the right place. Care shifts to where it is needed and relevant; care at a distance becomes care close by
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