Kepler Vision Technologies and Verkerk Service Systems close partnership

Kepler Vision Technologies (Kepler) and Verkerk Service Systems (VSS) are proud to announce their collaboration aimed at developing advanced image care solutions for the Dutch elderly care industry.

Kepler is the market leader in computer vision and artificial intelligence within the healthcare sector in the Netherlands. VSS, as an inventor, supplier and implementation partner of advanced healthcare technology and information systems, is known as a pioneer in smart image care for Dutch healthcare organizations.

Strategic cooperation for efficient care tasks

Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler said, “This strategic partnership aims to implement innovative and proven image care solutions at healthcare organizations. Kepler and VSS see a huge market demand for the deployment of the most advanced artificial intelligence. Kepler offers this technology to improve the quality of elderly care. Smart image care enables real-time monitoring of the well-being of the elderly, enabling rapid and reliable response by care staff to emergencies. This results in more efficient care tasks, freeing up more time for personalized care. In addition, the technology contributes to improved safety through proactive risk detection and provides data-driven insights for better decision-making in care management.”

Tangible example in the collaboration is the Multisensor Plus, which is breaking new ground with the addition of Kepler’s smart software.

Forward-looking solutions that are getting smarter and smarter

Ivo de Koning, Business Unit Manager of Verkerk Service Systems: “Our Multisensor Plus signals abnormal behavior of residents in their own living environment and does this from one environment without other external aids. So placing additional sensors is a thing of the past. If someone gets out of bed, a notification is automatically sent via our care platform to the care smartphone. And does a client fall in the room? The smart system recognizes it, the caregiver is informed and can take immediate action. A safe thought. The smart software of the Multisensor Plus limits the number of incorrect notifications, as it recognizes the difference between the movements of a person or, for example, a fluttering curtain. We are proud of this partnership with Kepler who offer both our new and existing customers future-oriented solutions that are getting smarter and smarter. We are increasingly integrating third-party smart applications on our open software platform, taking responsibility for their proper functioning. Thus, together we are making healthcare stronger with smart partners who share the same goal: to help build the healthcare of the future!”

We look forward to joint efforts to transform and enrich senior care in the Netherlands with innovative image care solutions.