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SLTN/HPS Connected health

At SLTN we offer your ideal care communication with Connected Health in one total package, thus ensuring complete care. Connected Health stands for simple chain-controlled care communication with as few routine actions as possible. It simply offers an extra pair of eyes and ears for the care worker and helps to relieve the daily workload. The SaaS care platform offers you a basis for existing telephony, domotics and care solutions on which future innovations can also land. Moreover, the care employee has easy and safe access to care communication, telephony, alarms and intercom with one application on the care smartphone.

SLTN acts chain responsible and offers you the complete chain of care communication technology. If you opt for Connected Health, you will have direct access to the necessary infrastructure, care smartphones, application, sensoring, etc. By implementing this chain of technology in your care system, we can ease and simplify daily operations. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about hardware or software training of the care staff, because we take care of that too. Thanks to a preliminary baseline measurement, we determine the bottlenecks well in advance and then offer customised adoption and training.

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SLTN/HPS Connected Health

Martijn Zijlstra

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