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Kepler Vision Experience Centre

Kepler Vision Technologies will open the Kepler Vision Experience Center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on 7 April 2022. This facility will be used to demonstrate the unparalleled utility of Kepler Vision’s self-developed computer vision monitoring software. And how it improves the lives of clients and patients and makes the work of care staff easier.

Kepler Vision Technologies develops computer vision fall detection technology. The Kepler Night Nurse should alert staff immediately if a patient has fallen, is in physical distress or – in the case of special Alzheimer’s patient settings – has wandered off to where they should not be. This should also eliminate the false alarms sometimes generated by traditional home automation solutions.

The Kepler Vision Experience Center has a range of sample environments in which the solution can be deployed, including a living room in a nursing home, a client room in a nursing home, a sheltered housing unit and a hospital room and hallway. The centre will use the most advanced version of the Kepler Night Nurse solution and Kepler Vision’s new sensors. The facility will also be used to train care staff to use the Kepler Night Nurse software.

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