Kepler Night Nurse has been improved!


A patient fall is now detected even faster. Within 10 seconds (instead of 60 seconds), Kepler Night Nurse alerts a caregiver when someone has fallen.


For example, when a patient wants to go to the toilet during the night and sits on the edge of the bed, a staff member is now alerted within 10 seconds. This can prevent a person with mobility problems from trying to walk unescorted. In this way, the Kepler Night Nurse contributes to an even safer environment for patients.


This improvement combines well with the faster fall detection. When a staff member kneels, for example, to put on support stockings on a client, it was previously sometimes seen as a person falling. Now added to Kepler Night Nurse is intelligence that recognizes the uniform of employees. As a result, when an employee kneels or sits on the floor, an alarm is no longer sent. Only alarm when something is really going on!