Kepler Vision Technologies to further expand its international partnerships

Over twenty years ago, Günter started as a commercial manager for Shop4telecom (specialist in providing Telecom hardware). After reaching international aspirations, he moved to Sennheiser Business Communications (now EPOS). In doing so, he and his team laid the foundation for growth within the Benelux, Nordics and Baltics. In recent years, he has contributed to a commercial accelerator for Eshgro and Kinly, among others.

As of mid-May 2023, Günter started at Kepler Vision Technologies. Günter will focus on international growth within Kepler, focusing first on the Nordics.

Dutch company Kepler Vision Technologies is developing unique artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare. Kepler Night Nurse detects incidents via image in healthcare facilities and hospitals worldwide. The software not only notices when clients fall, but also when people with dementia stray from their location. In addition, the system recognizes undesirable actions or behaviors including aggression.

Günter Vos: “Making a contribution to structurally solving the shortage of hands in healthcare by using technology to help healthcare personnel to be only where they are really needed is a wonderful challenge.