• 40% reduction of caregivers’ workload at night.
  • Only 1 false alarm per room per 186 days


Elderly care is intensive for nurses, with many skilled care workers being thoroughly overworked. At Kepler Vision Technologies, we decided that we needed to do something about it.

Our mission is to make the job of nurses less stressful and simultaneously, more enjoyable. Nurses need to be able to focus on providing care, not chasing false alarms and writing endless reports.

Therefore, we have developed software that ‘looks’ into live streams and has the ability to recognize if and when clients need care. When care is needed, the software can send a message to the nurse on duty. This innovation ensures that clients receive the care they need and deserve and nursing staff are able to avoid unnecessary tasks throughout their working day.

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Our Solution


The Kepler Night Nurse ‘looks’ into live video streams of optical sensors at body language and human activities of clients. During the day, but especially at night, this can provide a significant reduction of work pressure in elderly care. For example, the Kepler Night Nurse can recognize when a client is struggling, or cannot get out of bed, and equally, if a client has remained for a concerning amount of time in the bathroom. If the Night Nurse recognizes these potential problems it sends a notification, enabling care home nurses to avoid unnecessary control rounds. This is a text notification, so it is impossible to distribute client video data. Furthermore, the Night Nurse could automatically write a report of all client activity.

How it works in Practice

The Kepler Night Nurse is a  replacement of existing, yet dated systems. Use of our innovative care software is simple: If there is help needed, the nurse receives a message. Nurses can also look into automatically generated reports about the night rest of the clients, providing them with valuable information to help their work.

Kepler Vision Technologies software increases the safety of clients and allows care workers to focus on providing better quality care. Ultimately, your nursing staff will be able to enjoy their working day more with less stress from unnecessary tasks, and more time for high quality and rewarding care.


The Big Score 2019 Top 50 Most Promising European Scale-Up
Microsoft Innovate AI Challenge Global Top 10
The Big Score 2019 Top 50 Most Promising European Scale-Up
Microsoft Innovate AI Challenge Global Top 10